Jazz Quartet ensemble hiring

Jazz Band for Hire

Providing uplifting background music that will make your guests feel comfortable and classy

Corporate Events

Our Corporate Events, small bands or larger ones, whichever fits your venue. Our music selection is quite varied starting with the older Jazz tunes to more modern ones, you get to choose.

Theme Parties

Theme Parties, be they Mardi Gras jazz-themed parties, Roaring Twenties jazz parties or something else, we can provide your special night with just the right jazz that entices your guests to get up and start dancing.

Private Parties

Our Private Parties, for celebrations including birthdays and anniversaries, we set a jazzy atmosphere for your event. We will even play a swinging version of Happy Birthday just for you.

Our Events

Jazz Trio

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Jazz Trio

Private New Year’s Party

Jazz Trio

Corporate New Year’s Party

Jazz Duo

Cocktail Hour, Restaurant, NYC

Saxophone Solo

Private Celebration New York

Jazz Duo

Wedding Reception

Musical Theater

Private performance of a new musical at Ripley-Grier Studios, NYC

JazzCats Recording Session

Recording Session for Jazzcats in New York

Jazz Quartet

Wedding Reception, NYC

Dean with JEFF (band)

Private corporate party with NY-based band JEFF

Jazz Trio

Corporate Event Cocktail Hour, Financial District, NYC

Jazz Duo

Product Initiation Party, Wine Company, NYC